Buchanan County, Virginia Head Start FAQ'S



( Frequently Asked Questions )

Welcome to Buchanan County Head Start


What will my child do while attending Head Start?

A typical day in the classroom consists of breakfast, group time, one-on-one instruction, lunch, free play, music, story time, gym/outside.  The children take field trips to different businesses and locations such as the Buchanan Co Public Library, local banks, fire departments, etc.



What do children learn in Head Start?

Head Start is a well-rounded educational program for families with children from three to five years of age. Some of the skills your child will learn are: self help skills, sharing, taking turns, listening, following directions, problem solving, counting and math, and Literacy skills including letter & number recognition and letter sounds.




Do parents meet the Teachers?

Yes. Parents are encouraged to become involved in their child’s learning. We encourage parents to visit and volunteer in the classroom as well as in the many different areas of the Head Start Program.  We feel that the parents are the first and best teacher that a child can have.



How it is decided what is learned in Head Start?  What learning instruments are used?

Our Head Start teachers are trained in Early Childhood Development. They plan the children’s day with each child’s goals in mind. Our Head Start program uses “Creative Curriculum” as well as “Owls” (Opening the World of Learning”) and also the “PALS” program.  Teachers plan activities to match the skills needed to achieve the children’s individual goals. Children practice these skills both in the classroom and at home.



Are parents welcome to visit the classrooms?  What role do parents play in Head Start?

Parents are welcome to visit the classroom anytime they wish and encouraged to volunteer.  Parents are also encouraged to serve on the Head Start Policy Council as well as to attend monthly Parent meetings.


How many children are in a classroom?

Classrooms are licensed for twenty (20) children.  Most classrooms maintain an average of fifteen (15) to twenty (20) children.  We also have two (2) Home Base teachers that serve twelve (12) children each.  Children are visited each week in their home with the visit lasting around an hour and a half.  Home Base children do eighteen (18) socializations per year.



How many staff is in a classroom?

We have three (3) staff in each classroom; a teacher, a teacher’s aide and a bus driver who stays in the room all day.  Each classroom has a certified teacher and three (3) staff members are CPR, First Aid and Medication Administration certified.



What does my child need to attend Head Start?

Nothing.  Head Start provides all learning materials and supplies.  Children are provided lunch and breakfast daily at no expense to the parent.



What if my child has a special need? 

 At least 10% of our enrollment is children with Special Needs.  We work with the local School System, mental health specialist and other resources to make sure the children get the services they need.  We work with speech and language specialists, as well as specialists in O.T. and P.T.